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As you all know by now (if you follow along on my Instagram) Ryan and I are expecting a sweet bundle of love in March 2019. I can’t believe it’s finally happening. I’ve always wanted to be a mama and the time has finally come. So excited for this new chapter of life with my sweet husband Ryan as we become a family of three.

how we got pregnant

The Road to getting pregnant.

At the beginning of the year I knew my baby making time was quickly approaching. I started going through an awakening and really needed to slow down. All these deep meetings with my inner self started to release truths to the changes I had to go through to become a mother. Being a mother is not something I take lightly and I believe has to entered into with the greatest respect. It felt like a rebirth was happening and I was being stripped of all my old ways emotionally and spiritually to be the vibration of a woman that would be fearless, patient and love unconditionally. I was becoming myself, the type of woman I always wanted to be.

I always knew family was the most important thing but now it was crystal clear and I knew it through every atom of my being. There’s nothing more important to me than being a mother and to create the right space for my family to flourish, grow, and shine in.

I just love being by the water, so with baby in our future Ryan and I moved to a beautiful home that’s 2 min from the beach. I knew I wanted to be close to the water during this monumental time of my life to soothe all the emotions. I wanted a peaceful setting that would be a beautiful backdrop to bring our baby love into this world. I dream of many beach filled days with out little one, spent in the sunshine and swimming in the ocean.

how to get pregnant

How we got pregnant.

So after we moved to the beach we were ready to get to the baby making. I started taking prenatal vitamins to get my body ready for baby. I’ll do another post soon about all the prenatal vitamins I take. I also started to use this Natural Cycles app to track my body temperature to see when I was ovulating. The app was really useful and I could pin point the day I ovulated due to a spike in my body temperature. If you plan on tracking your ovulation you’ll need a basal thermometer. I used this one and it was very accurate. Using the app I could see exactly when my temperature started to rise which meant time to make baby. The following month at the same day I ovulated (body temperature spike) in the previous month, Ryan and I made love and just like that we got pregnant. I didn’t think it would be that easy, after just one month of measuring my temperature and our first time trying to conceive. But god has a plan for us, and we got pregnant right away. I know how blessed we are to be given this precious gift of raising a child and I am so humbled in this whole experience.


I look forward to sharing my pregnancy experience with you and all the joys this time will bring.


Much Love,







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