Summer Hairstyles

Summer hairstylesEvery summer for the past couple of years I’ve been getting my hair braided and this year I am loving the carefree hairstyle even more now that we live at the beach. I’m so ready to spend my summer days swimming in the ocean and protecting my natural hair with this style.

What protective summer hairstyles do you guys do during the summer months? I also had Goddess Locs done before this style and I absolutely loved them! Taking the locs out was a bit tedious than I had imagined, but I felt that they really protected my hair, even more than wearing a weave or braids.

The process of doing Goddess Locs or Faux Locs, is very protective through the technique of wrapping hair around your own natural hair. The faux hair creates and surrounds your own hair and creates a sort of cocoon for your hair. So your own hair is thoroughly protected. I would give Faux Locs the highest score for a protective style I’ve ever done, but the take down process really wasn’t my favorite part. Braids and weaves definitely are much easier to take down, but not as healthy for your own hair.

I’m not sure If I would do Goddess Locs again due to the take down process, it just took way to long for my liking. Braids might just be my go to hairstyle moving forward. I love the ease, freedom and queendom of getting my hair braided. Rocking more Afro-centric hairstyles is the direction I’m moving forward with my hair journey. As my own hair grows out, and gets healthier I’d love to rock a huge afro as soon as my hair is big enough. We’ll see how it goes, if I don’t end up shaving it off. I’ve always wanted to rock a bald head, but who knows when that will happen. Oh the joys of hairstyles. How are you queens rocking your hair these days? Comment with some of your favorite protective styles.


summer hairstyles

Summer hairstyles

summer hairstyles

summer hairstyles

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