Spring Neutral Looks

I’ve really been into dressing in neutral tones lately. Something about dressing in a monotone look seems so sophisticated and laid back to me. It gives off the essence as if you put some effort into the look when you really didn’t do all that much. I’m becoming more and more low maintenance as my personal style has been changing over the past few months. I’ve been drawn to carefree looks with a tad bit of bohemian vibes.


My style is more of a refined bohemian look, than dressing in bright bold prints and tassels all the time. I started shifting my perspective to putting clothes on my body that suits my personality/ lifestyle versus dressing for what is trending and ” in style”. Dressing for myself makes it easier to find something to wear everyday. I no longer run into that issue of thinking I have nothing to wear, when I started building my wardrobe with this mentality. It’s like you’ll always have something to wear because your closet is full of you. Freepeople has been my go to for these looks.

How do you guys go about your shopping? Do you dress more for your self or more for what’s in style?








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