Spring 2018 trend: Natural Bags

Natural bags were all the rage last summer and it looks like this trend is hanging on and only getting better. If you follow me on Instagram you must have seen these bags popping up on your feed because your girl is having major crush on them.

I can’t get enough of how visually pleasing they are and they just make every look standout with such a statement bag. Cult Gaia is definitely my favorite for their abstract and out of the ordinary designs. I am so smitten with the Mia from their collection.

spring trend 2018

The ball strap although so fun, isn’t the most practical. My husband laughs at me every time it rolls off my shoulder and thinks this bag is absolutely ridiculous. Which makes me just love it even more! Yes, sure it might not be able to house small items, or cards but please just look at it. This bag is a piece of art. I think of it like walking around with some art on my shoulder or more like in my hands. 😉

Are you guys feeling this trend? I’ve rounded up a few that make me drool.

spring trend 2018

Happy Shopping




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