Soleil Ziggy Tsemaye Turley

Welcome to the world sweet Soleil Ziggy Tsemaye Turley. Baby girl was born on Sunday March 17th after almost 48 hours of labor. My water broke on Friday afternoon and baby girl didn’t make her appearance until Sunday morning. We couldn’t be anymore overjoyed to finally have our sunshine girl in our arms.

Before baby girl was conceived while I was in the shower one day the name Soleil came to me. After that moment I knew that she was on the way to us. In case you didn’t know Soleil means ‘Sun” in french. Ryan came up with the name Ziggy, we just think it’s so so fun! Plus Ziggy Marley is pretty rad in our books. Her Nigerian great grandma gave her the name Tsemaye, it means god has favored me. Soleil Ziggy just fits her sunshine personality so well and we absolutely love it for her.

I want to share our favorite photos from Soleil’s newborn shoot with the amazingly talented ladies over at @ellajaymesphotography! I’m so in awe of how talented these ladies are working with newborns! They were such expert baby whisperers and I absolutely love how these photos turned out!

What sold me on Ella Jaymes photography was that they can bring the photoshoot to you. This was a huge for me because I was still recovering from a long labor and delivery and running on no sleep. All I could think about was having to breast feed Soleil every 2 hours and making sure she was getting enough sleep, so having a photoshoot was the last thing this mama was thinking about. Yet I really didn’t want to miss out on capturing baby girl in these early days of her life. I highly suggest finding a photographer that can come to you. It made our lives during those really stressful days so, so much easier.

Oh sweet angel face!

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