My Top 10 Must-Have Baby Products

Hey there mamas and mama’s-to-be! It can be so overwhelming trying to find the best products of our lil’ ones. The market is supersaturated with baby products, and it can be so daunting finding items that work well. I’ve spent hours on the web, blogs and on Amazon finding the best top rated items for babies. I’ve tried lot of products and returned some duds that didn’t work well at all. I rounded up my favorite must-have baby products that worked for us this past six months with our babygirl.

1) The Ollie Swaddle

We tried 5 other swaddles before we finally found The Ollie. Soleil was a ninja when it came to getting out of her swaddle. All the other swaddles we tried when she was a little newborn weren’t able to keep her secure. They were either too loose or came up to high on her. The Ollie was amazing because it adjusts to fit the size of your baby, so they can use it from birth until they start rolling over.

2) Hatch Baby Rest Sound Machine Night Light

Ok mamas this is a must for baby’s sleep! With all the gushing blood and the sound of your heartbeat, being in the womb can be as loud as a vacuum cleaner a postpartum doula told me. So keeping it quiet for baby sleep doesn’t remind them of the cozy womb they were just in. The white noise option was the best sound to have baby girl sleep longer without being woken up by outside noise. It also has a bunch of different music sound options as well as a nightlight that adjusts brightness. Super handy for all the middle of the night feeds. Download the app to your phone and you can set up your favorite modes and adjust settings all on your phone.

3) Maxi-Cosi Magellan Max

I love this car seat for so many reasons. One being that it can be used from birth until 10 years old and secondly is the ClipQuik auto-magnetic chest clip which is so nice to get baby girl in and out smoothly! The seat pad is also both machine washable and dryer safe so you can easily remove and put back on after diaper blowouts!

4) BIBS BPA-Free Natural Rubber Baby Pacifier

We tried those popular WubbaNub pacifiers with the cute stuffed animals first but I found I was putting it back in Soleil’s mouth so often. These worked best for staying in her mouth longer and I love that they are made out of a natural rubber and 100% free from BPA, PVC and phthalates. Plus, they come in so many pretty colors to match Soleil’s outfits!

5) Dr. Browns Bottles

I tried a few different brands, but loved these the most. They have a vent system designed to grow with baby, so you can remove the vent as baby’s feeding becomes more developed. Plus their patented vented system reduces common feeding problems such as gas, burping, and spit-up.

6) The Honest Company Truly Calming Lavender Shampoo + Body Wash

I love this all in one baby wash and shampoo because it’s so gentle, mild and tear free. So if some of it gets into Soleil’s eyes, there won’t be any melt downs happening! Their formula is free of phthalates, parabens, dyes, synthetic fragrances, formaldehyde donors, and SLS/SLES so it’s pretty clean.

7) Haakaa New Mom Starter Kit

This pump comes in so handy when starting your breastfeeding journey. I used it when I was feeding baby girl on one side and would use it on the other side to catch my let down. This pack is great because it also comes with breast pads to prevent any embarrassing leaking situations.

8) Honest Diapers

I love Honest Diapers for their great fit and honestly their cute prints. I don’t get them that often due to them being a bit pricier than other brands, but I’ll get them here and there just for a little bit of fun.

9) Fridababy NoseFrida® Snotsucker Saline Kit

This gadget came in handy so many times. During the early days with Soleil she would get milk stuck up her nose and this was perfect to suck it all out. Also when she got her first cold and she was so cute and stuffy I couldn’t stand to see baby girl with a blocked nostril, so this with a few saline drops saved this mama’s sanity.

10) BEABA Babycook® baby food maker.

I seriously have too much fun making Soleil’s babyfood. This baby food maker makes it sooooo easy. In 3 easy steps I can whip up some yummy baby food for Soleil free of preservatives and any other yucky ingredients found in baby food these days. Making Soliel’s food puts me at ease because I knowing everything that’s in it and I’m not putting any harsh chemicals in her body.

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