My Hair Journey

When I was pregnant with Soleil I was going through a bohemian phase. It just felt so right with my glowing skin and growing belly. I felt like such a goddess to be growing life and wanted to run around in the dreamiest flowy boho dresses all day. I also wanted to wear my hair more natural, so braids were my go-to. I love braids for the wake up and go ease, but sitting for 7 – 8 hrs to get them done and the weight of the braids was just getting to be too much.

After Soleil was born I wanted to embrace my natural beauty and to be free from all the processing my hair had gone through over the years with weaves, wigs, braids etc. So I thought to wear my natural hair, thinking it would be easy and care-free. Boy was I wrong. I haven’t worn my natural hair in over 5 years so I forgot all about how much work it goes into rocking an afro. It was taking me over 40 mins to get styled just right, let’s not talk about wash days which then bumped that time up significantly. After washing, conditioning, doing a deep treatment and then twisting my hair I was looking at 2 hours for the routine. So that was a big N.O!

I’ve wanted to shave my head for years and always said I would do it before I tuned 40. I guess 35 was the year to finally do the big chop. How liberating it was to finally be a #brownbaldie. My hair routine went from 40 mins to 5 mins and I feel amazing! It does take a bit of guts to rock my hair like this, but I like the fact that I don’t have to rely on hair to feel beautiful. Wearing my hair like this is so empowering and the definition of care-free. My stylist nailed the color and I love how it compliments my skin. This is going to be my look for the next years to come, I’ve never felt so free, bold and beautiful!

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