Hike the Wisdom tree trail

Getting a workout in without it feeling like a workout is pretty much like winning the workout lottery. I love dancing, Zumba and hiking because of the high levels of fun and before you even know it, you’re drenched in sweat and that heart rate is pumping. When I need to break up my workout routine from going to my regular gym session or yoga class, I’ll throw in a hike. I love hiking not only for the amazing cardio but also for the breath taking views. You can go on your own pace and whenever you need a break you can catch your breath while gazing at an epic slice of nature magic.

Wisdom Tree Hike

Distance: 3 Miles

Elevation: 872 ft

Skill Level: Intermediate

The best way to get to the trail is to park along Lake Hollywood Drive and walk for about a quarter mile on Wonder View Drive until you reach the yellow gate. You’ll then pass an electricity tower and keep to the right to start your pleasurable ascent.

The trail is steep so be prepared for a good incline on your way up. Enjoy your hike up Cahuenga Peak with epic views of Mt. Lee, Griffith Observatory, Mt. Hollywood and downtown L.A.  Eventually you will come to fork on the trail. Take the left fork, and this path will take you out to the Wisdom Tree. The other path can take you to Hollywood sign.

Upon arrival at the tree brace yourself for epic views and congratulate yourself for finishing. The trail is not easy, so take some time to soak it all up, enjoy some water and panoramic views of the San Fernando Valley and San Gabriel Mountains. There’s an ammo box at the base of the tree. People leave poetry, letters and wishes inside of it. I loved reading peoples notes and inspirational quotes. The tree is quite majestic and the area is surrounded by cairns that people have built.

Legend says that the Wisdom Tree was the only tree left standing after a devastating wildfire fire in 2007 that burned more than 817 acres in and around Griffith Park. What a testament and lesson to learn to keep enduring and thriving.

 Hiking Wisdom Trail | Juliet's jdvHiking Wisdom Trail | Juliet's jdv

Hiking Wisdom Trail | Juliet's jdv

Hiking Wisdom Trail | Juliet's jdv

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