Guacamole with Pomegranate and Feta Recipe

When I stayed at The Saguaro in Palm Springs  was the first time I ever had pomegranate and cheese in guacamole.  I’m the type of gal that just likes the good old regular guacamole recipe.  Give me my avocado, onions and tomatoes and I’m set. But this here guacamole changed my ways so quickly. I never knew you could spruce up guacamole and make it even way better than how good it already is. Mind blowing I know. The best guacamole recipe with pomegranate and feta


I used two types of cheese  because why just stop at one. I used feta and Mexican Cojita cheese. Feta is definitely enough if you can’t find Cojita at your grocery store. This adds an extra creaminess to the guacamole and the Mexican cheese adds an additional flavor and saltiness to the guacamole. The pomegranate adds a crisp fresh crunch to the mix. With every bite of pomegranate that bursts in your mouth adding a citrus and sweet flavor just takes the guacamole to another level.


The best guacamole recipe with pomegranate and feta

Of course serve it up with your favorite tortilla chips, but how yummy would this be spread in a turkey wrap or even on top of a burger. I’m sure this will be a party pleaser to serve up at your next festive party or on Cinco De Mayo. Olè and enjoy!


Guacamole with Pomegranate and Feta Recipe




  1. Slice the avocados in half and remove pits and scope out meat. Place avocado meat in a bowl and add lime juice, cilantro, onion, garlic, salt, cayenne pepper, and cumin. Use a fork to mash up the avocado and mix all the ingredients together. Don’t mash it up to long, you’ll want to leave some avocado chunks in there for some texture.
  2. Stir in the feta, Cojita cheese and the pomegranate in to the guacamole mixture and also sprinkle some on top.

What are some of your favorite ways to spruce up your regular guacamole? Share some other tips in the comments.


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