Full Moon Bath Ritual

Full Moon Bath Ritual

With all the unnecessary demands and pressures we put on ourselves to be better and work harder we tend to live more in our masculine energy at times. Of course that energy can be useful to accomplish goals and get things done, but living too much in that energy can leave us feeling unbalanced, out of touch with our feminine energy and disconnected from our physical bodies. Taking the time to slow down and nurture our feminine energy is so vital to bring us back in to balance.

A woman’s nature is lunar. We tend to ovulate during the full moon and menstruate around the new moon. Waxing and waning like the moon, we are constantly shifting and flowing. With our lunar connection, especially during the full moon, is a perfect time to dive deeper into our feminine energy and lovingly support all that surfaces to be released. Using the magnifying effects of the full moon is an opportune time to release all that no longer serves and and set the motion for new beginnings.

If you’re a sensitive soul like me, taking time to reset, tune-in and release around the full moon is very healing for body and soul. Since ancient times women have been bathing in healing waters at the time of the full moon. Spiritual bathing has been a part of old traditions to cleanse away negativity, bring in new beginnings, and to attract blessings. Not only does ritual bathing cleanse the physical body but the energetic body too. Full moon energy supports releasing old programming, beliefs or karma that isn’t serving your highest good.  On the exact time of the full moon, as well as two days before and 2 days after,  is when the effects are maximum, so it’s best to do a ritual bath within that time.

Full Moon Bath Ritual

1. Create magical space

Be sure to deep clean your tub to start. Follow by cleansing the energy of the room with sage, palo santo or copal. Create a sacred ambiance with meditation or spa music and illuminate your space by lighting candles. Surround your tub with your favorite flowers and crystals. Some of my favorites are clear quartz to amplify the energy, smoky quartz for grounding and heart opening stones like Rose Quartz. Don’t forget a glass of water to to drink and cool off .

2. Draw A Healing Bath

Take a regular shower before you start the ritual. Fill your tub with warm/ hot water to your liking. Drop in your bath healing products. Adding in rose petals can make the experience even more luxurious and relaxing.

3. Set Your Intention

As the bath is filling with water, begin to set your intention. Ask yourself, “What am I ready to let go of ?” Allow whatever it is to come up without judgement and step into your healing bath.  Let all heaviness fade away. Surrender to the healing power of the moon and healing water to help wash it away. Use a rolled up towel behind your neck or head for full relaxation. Savor in this moment with intention for 25 minutes or longer. Breathe and let go.



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