The four steps to “Joie de vivre”

To live life exuberantly in”joie de vivre” our minds and bodies have to be working on a life inducing level. To live fully and authentically in our bodies it is essential to have a self care practice. Keeping our chi or prana (that which gives life) enhanced and vibrant gives us the ability to handle anything that life brings. When our mind/ thoughts are not aligned with our highest good and when we aren’t moving our bodies we can deplete ourselves of vital life energy leaving us feeling sluggish and fatigued.

Lodro Rinzler a Shambhala Buddhist practitioner calls it the Four Exhilarations. With our busy lives it is so easy to skip a meal or skip that workout. I know the cloud of lethargy that follows me when I don’t get enough sleep oh too well. Although, these four steps might seem quite easy to implement, but doing all four in a day might not be quite a cinch. Up for the challenge? I know when I do all four in my day I am way more productive and I flow through my day with such ease. Here’s to us taking care of ourselves and living more powerfully and confidently.

1. Eat Well

Skipping a meal or not getting enough high vibrational life giving foods in our diet can leave us feeling like we don’t have the energy to get things done. Choosing foods to eat that are of the highest quality and vibration will give great amounts of life force energy. To boost our chi naturally eat superfoods like blueberries, kale, and açai, and add antioxidants like goji berries, green tea and turmeric tea that fight off free radicals and negative energy in your cells. Also be sure to drink tons of water!

2. Sleep Well

Figure out how many hours of sleep you need each night that leaves you feeling well rested upon waking. Make sure you go to sleep early enough to fall asleep. Put on a meditation tape or put your phone away to relax your mind. I also like meditating at night to set the tone for the next day.

3. Meditate

Life and all it’s stresses can have our thoughts become fearful and not of the highest vibrations. No matter what life throws at us, we always have power over our thoughts. It’s what we think or believe that is creating our heaven or hell. Having power and mindfulness over our thoughts can bring a huge benefit to our lives. Even just sitting for 10 mins to start the day, can get the day started on a positive light and keep it moving in that direction. With meditation we can use our mind and energy to live in balance and higher vibes. That is the superpower we all have. We are creators and we are here to create.

4. Exercise

There’s nothing like a good sweat to raise those vibes and get those endorphins going, even if it’s just a 10 min run around the block or an hour-long hike. We must get that chi moving! Empowering ourselves to build strong beautiful healthy bodies is such great confidence booster and will also build our endurance to take on anything life brings. Loving our healthy bodies and owning it no matter what size is so essential for the “joie de vivre “life.



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