Exploring Topanga

Just off the Pacific Coast Highway, turn heading towards the mountains on Topanga Canyon Boulevard and in just about 10 minutes you will arrive at this majestic hippie enclave. Situated in the Santa Monica Mountains, Topanga provides it’s own uniqueness unlike any other Los Angeles locale. Sprinkled with businesses from spiritual stores, imported goods, cozy cafes and healthy restaurants, you could certainly make a day of it and of course there’s beautiful hiking in Topanga State Park. Being up there is quite special and you can definitely convince yourself that you are no longer in LA and somehow transported yourself to a magical village community in the 60’s.

Where to eat? Inn of the Seventh Ray

Inn of the Seventh Ray

Some say it’s L.A’s most romantic restaurant and apparently one of Leonardo DiCaprio’s favorite hangout spots. Unfortunately there were no Leo sightings this time, but the food and dining creekside surely made up for it. The restaurant is surrounded by cherub and buddhist statues giving it quite a enlightening ambiance. This is definitely the #1 spot is not to be missed when in Topanga.

P.S They also do weddings here. How divine that would be.

Inn at the Seventh Ray

Where to shop: Jalan Jalan Imports

Jalan Jalan Imports

Jalan Jalan Imports located at the beautiful Owl Falls. I was pretty excited to see that the falls were still flowing considering L.A’s drought issues. The store is situated in such a natural picturesque environment it makes walking around there an experience in it self. You can find wood and teak furniture and exquisite carvings from Bali; stones from India, amethyst from Brazil, malachite from Africa and labradorite from Madagascar. This store is pretty much your one stop shop for all things exotic.

Jalan Jalan Imports

Jalan Jalan Imports


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