Collagen Summer Water

collagen summer water

There is something about drinking fruit infused waters that makes me feel very Joie De Vivre.

It reminds me of staying at a nice hotel where they have infused water in their lobbys and totally oozes spa vibes. Most places usually serve lemon water but I really like taking it up a notch by adding fruits and herbs.

I try to drink the recommend 8 glasses of water per day, and this definitely helps me get excited about it by adding some fun flavor to the mix.

This recipe is so light and refreshing for summer and comes with additional boost of collagen. I’ve done different water infusions before with berries and herbs abut this one is my favorite.  So what’s all in it? Well first we have collagen and you know all about the benefits from these posts here and here. There’s also mint, cucumber and lemon.


collagen summer water

 Health Benefits of Collagen Summer Water




Collagen Summer Water Recipe



Cucumber Melon Mint Lemon Collagen Water


  1. Whisk 2 packets of Vital Proteins Collagen Beauty Water Melon Mint with a cup of water to dissolve, or shake in a mixer bottle.
  2.  Add to a pitcher and fill to the top with ice and fruit.
  3. Slightly scrunch up the mint so it releases it’s flavor. Cover with cold filtered water.
  4. This water is best if you let the water infuse at least 1 hour. Enjoy!!


collagen summer water

collagen summer water

collagen summer water

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