Collagen Beauty Benefits

Collagen Beauty Benefits

You must have heard about all the amazing health benefits of collagen by now especially when it comes to beauty. I can honestly vouch that they’re true after drinking collagen consistently for over 3 months. Collagen works very well when it comes to achieving many beauty goals we all have, like improving the texture of our skin and having a clearer complexion. Daily consumption of collagen can help you get soft glowy skin in a short amount of time.

Collagen Beauty Benefits

Along with all the skin benefits, you can also get healthy hair and nails after consuming collagen on a regular basis. There’s so much buzz about collagen right now and it’s not going away anytime soon. With so many benefits coupled with fast results I can see why everyone is so inspired to give it a try.

What I really love about this Beauty Water from Vital Proteins is how good it tastes and easy it is to consume. The mix of lemon, strawberries and coconut is quite refreshing and doesn’t have any “funkiness” to it. I shake it up in a ball jar with water every morning for a quick and easy collagen fix .

Collagen Beauty Benefits

The way I think about collagen for us in our late 20s and 30’s is that it’s more of a preventative solution. I know I still look young and I make sure to take care of my skin by eating healthy and working out, but I also like to add collagen as an additional boost from the fountain of youth . Think of it as a way to slow down the aging process and keep your skin glowing at all times. You guys know I love to keep my skin looking poppin’ and glowing on all my pics on Instagram. Collagen is one of my great beauty tricks that helps to maintain that shine.

If you’re a big smoothie drinker like I am, and you already add additional supplements like protein or green powders, also add in a scope of collagen to the mix. The benefits are profound and go way beyond beauty.

Collagen Beauty Benefits


Collagen Beauty Benefits

1. Helps Reduce the Appearance of Fine Lines and Wrinkles

Our bodies naturally produce collagen, but as we get older the levels of collagen production begin to slow down.

On average we lose about 1-2% of our collagen every year after the age of 25. As our skin loses collagen it loses elasticity and, so the more collagen we lose, the more fine lines and wrinkles appear. Which is why it is essential that we add collagen into out diets to increase our collagen levels as we age.

2. Helps Prevent Cellulite and Stretch Marks

Cellulite appears due to your skin losing elasticity and becoming stretched thin. Collagen can help to reduce the formation of  stretch marks, which occur when the elastic fibers of our skin are pulled too quickly or beyond what your skin’s elasticity can take.

3. Promotes Healthy Hair and Nails

While collagen is mostly known for all the benefits it has on the skin,  it also helps in the building blocks for shiny, healthy hair and stronger nails due to the protein boost. No more chipping, weak nails and say hello to a fuller head of hair.

4. Helps Heal Skin Conditions like Acne, Eczema, and Psoriasis

Collagen contains anti-inflammatory amino acids, which can help reduce inflammation from the inside out. It acts as a “glue” for the intestinal wall that helps to heal and seal the gut lining. This is essential because a lot of skin issues are a result of an unhealthy gut.

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