Chocolate Raspberry Collagen Smoothie

So by now you hopefully know all there is to know about the benefits of drinking collagen. If not check out this post here and here. I always like to start my day off on a healthy note by having a smoothie or smoothie bowl as my first meal. This has always been my go-to for years to make sure I get super nutritious high vibration foods into my body first thing. By lunch or dinner time it’s much harder for me to eat something healthy because by that time this girl wants something a lil’ more fun.

If you follow along on my Instagram you guys know I have an obsession with making smoothie bowls. I just like eating pretty food. I’m so visual that looking at a pretty and yummy breakfast first thing in the morning sets my day up on a high note. I throw in a scoop of collagen into my smoothie bowls so it not only looks beautiful but also provides all those beauty boosts as well. This smoothie is super quick and easy to make, because I know some of you don’t have time to make a pretty bowl first thing in the am.  I highly recommend making a smoothie bowl some time though for your full collagen beauty experience.

This smoothie is pretty filling due to the collagen in it (protein duh) and the additional antioxidants from the cacao is another bonus. The collagen I used in this smoothie is Vital Proteins Veggie Blend. I really like this specific blend because you can get your daily servings of fruits and veggies plus collagen all in one go. So not only are you getting all the benefits of collagen but your also getting 3 servings of organic veggies and 1 serving of organic high vibration fruits. The veggie blend is jam packed and nutritionally dense on its own, and throwing in the additional ingredients in your smoothie sets you right up for a well balanced meal.

Chocolate Raspberry Collagen Smoothie


1/2 Cup Raspberries

1 Scoop Vital Proteins Veggie Blend

1 Tbs Cacao Powder

1 Tbs Almond Butter

1 Banana

1 Cup Almond Milk

*sweeten with 2 dates or some honey* (optional)


Blitz all ingredients in a blender and sip away. Throw in some ice cubes if you’d like a thicker frostier smoothy texture. You can also sweeten it up with a squirt or two of honey or throw in two dates. Enjoy!


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