The Joy of Wellness

air cleaning plants

Air Cleaning House Plants

When my husband and I moved into our home a few months ago I had no idea what to do with the indoor balcony space that overlooks the living area. The space is kind of awkward in the way that it's quite narrow and there isn't much space to fit furniture in it. Initially I wanted to turn it into a meditative space with rugs and throw pillows but as the plants started to pile up because I'm plant obsesse[...]
welness on the go

Wellness On the Go

I always start my day with meditation, a healthy meal and some form of exercise. If I can't make it to yoga or a dance class, I'll do some stretches and breathwork to get my body loose and to get the blood flowing. I meditate first thing before I even get out of bed to set the tone for my day and to allow my day to manifest in a positive and productive way. As soon as we step out of the comfort of o[...]
Green smoothie bowl

Green Smoothie Bowl

I came across Amazing Grass Green Superfood when I was in my local Whole Foods. They had a little set-up where you could try their products in juice. I purchased the Green Superfood powder as a way to add more greens into my diet. It was just after the holiday season and I was feeling super sluggish and wanted to get back into a healthy lifestyle. I've used Spirulina powder as a green supplement in the[...]

Hike the Wisdom tree trail

Getting a workout in without it feeling like a workout is pretty much like winning the workout lottery. I love dancing, Zumba and hiking because of the high levels of fun and before you even know it, you're drenched in sweat and that heart rate is pumping. When I need to break up my workout routine from going to my regular gym session or yoga class, I'll throw in a hike. I love hiking not only for the[...]

Stressed? Feeling Stuck? Here’s How to Meditate

We cleanse our physical bodies everyday so why not also clean up our emotional and mental bodies. Our crazy busy lives can be so stressful and filled with such highs and lows. To be able to live a balanced life, it is essential that we create some time to quiet our minds, shut out the world and come home to ourselves. Through meditation we can create a sanctuary within ourselves where we can alway[...]

The four steps to “Joie de vivre”

To live life exuberantly in”joie de vivre” our minds and bodies have to be working on a life inducing level. To live fully and authentically in our bodies it is essential to have a self care practice. Keeping our chi or prana (that which gives life) enhanced and vibrant gives us the ability to handle anything that life brings. When our mind/ thoughts are not aligned with our highest good and when w[...]