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Overnight oats

Chocolate Blackberry Banana + Collagen Overnight Oats

I love overnight oats because they make busy mornings just sooo much easier! Have you tried overnight oats yet? It's pretty simple and all you have to do is make it the night before. You guys and gals with busy mornings this one is for you. Waking up in the morning knowing that my first meal of the day is already good to go sets my day up on the high road. This recipe is healthy and super easy to make[...]

Chocolate Raspberry Collagen Smoothie

So by now you hopefully know all there is to know about the benefits of drinking collagen. If not check out this post here and here. I always like to start my day off on a healthy note by having a smoothie or smoothie bowl as my first meal. This has always been my go-to for years to make sure I get super nutritious high vibration foods into my body first thing. By lunch or dinner time it's much har[...]
Collagen Beauty Benefits

Collagen Beauty Benefits

You must have heard about all the amazing health benefits of collagen by now especially when it comes to beauty. I can honestly vouch that they’re true after drinking collagen consistently for over 3 months. Collagen works very well when it comes to achieving many beauty goals we all have, like improving the texture of our skin and having a clearer complexion. Daily consumption of collagen can he[...]
The Now Massage

The Now Massage

  After a year of having heart eyes every time I would see an image of The Now Massage on Instagram, your girl finally got herself to their Santa Monica location. Hallelujah!! I don't know why it took me so long, I've been obsessed with the decor and styling of the spa for so long, that it even inspired me to decorate my home based on that natural aesthetic. The Now isn't lik[...]
Vital Proteins

5 reasons why you need collagen in your life

I'm sure you've heard about collagen before in topical beauty and skincare products,  but recently ingestible collagen is having a huge resurgence being blended into smoothies, stirred in juices and mixed into baked goods. Let's take it back a little in case you don't know what collagen is all about. Collagen is a fibrous protein found in the body and it acts as a glue that holds the body together. Co[...]
poke bowl

How To Make A Poke Bowl

Living in California it's like a new poke shop opens up everyday. Don't get me wrong I'm not complaining. I am a huge fan of these healthy tasty bowls and I have them at least 3 times a month. I've always been a fan of sushi and eating raw fish because of the flavor and the benefits of omega-3 fatty acids. Poke, pronounced poh-keh is a Hawaiian word which means to “slice or cut crosswise[...]
air cleaning plants

Air Cleaning House Plants

When my husband and I moved into our home a few months ago I had no idea what to do with the indoor balcony space that overlooks the living area. The space is kind of awkward in the way that it's quite narrow and there isn't much space to fit furniture in it. Initially I wanted to turn it into a meditative space with rugs and throw pillows but as the plants started to pile up because I'm plant obsesse[...]
welness on the go

Wellness On the Go

I always start my day with meditation, a healthy meal and some form of exercise. If I can't make it to yoga or a dance class, I'll do some stretches and breathwork to get my body loose and to get the blood flowing. I meditate first thing before I even get out of bed to set the tone for my day and to allow my day to manifest in a positive and productive way. As soon as we step out of the comfort of o[...]
Strawberry smoothie bowl

Strawberry Smoothie Bowl

With Valentine's Day fast approaching I've been getting into the mood with this smoothie bowl. It's really simple and easy to make, you'll be done and eating in under 5 minutes.  This recipe only requires three ingredients strawberries, bananas and almond milk and yet it is still so creamy and flavorful. Be sure to use frozen bananas and strawberries to get that thicker texture. I freeze a couple of b[...]
Green smoothie bowl

Green Smoothie Bowl

I came across Amazing Grass Green Superfood when I was in my local Whole Foods. They had a little set-up where you could try their products in juice. I purchased the Green Superfood powder as a way to add more greens into my diet. It was just after the holiday season and I was feeling super sluggish and wanted to get back into a healthy lifestyle. I've used Spirulina powder as a green supplement in the[...]