Beach Cover- Up

Summer has finally arrived! I’m dreaming of all the long sweaty days spent in the sun, that turn into hot nights. Staring at burnt orange drenched skies while watching ocean waves coming in. In the past years as summer hits, I’ve always planned some sort of getaway or trip. This year is looking very different since hubs and I now live 2 minutes away from the beach. Not so much adventuring for me, with the ocean being in my backyard I have no desire to leave this slice of heaven. All my recent yearnings of summer travels have drifted away. This year I just want to spend all my summer days at the beach and lounging pool side.

Being a summer baby (July bday) my most favorite place to be is by the water. Are any of you Cancer signs like that? To me the ocean just feels like home. I don’t know what could be better than laying all day in the sun, watching the waves. After a few minutes of watching the ebb and flow of the ocean induces quite the meditative state in me and before I know it, I’m in tuned with the ocean.  It really is like heaven for me. The weather lately hasn’t been the most helpful for all my sun basking dreams. The dreaded May grey that turns into June gloom in Los Angeles is fully upon us. Now I’m just counting down the days to July. I always thought that living In California meant sunshine and sunny days all year round little did  I know.

Freepeople cover up

This Freepeople coverup is already a summer staple. I’ve been wearing it to the beach as a cover up every weekend.





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