Baby Food Recipes

If you guys follow me on Instagram you saw how feeding Soleil baby food for the first time went. She was just covered from head to toe in sweet potato mush. I don’t even know how she was able to get it on her toes. Soleil pretty much wanted to swim in it. It got everywhere and clean up was not so much fun. I’m still finding little bits of it.

Baby food recipe
Baby food recipe

Our highchair has been on back order so we’ve just feeding Soleil on her 4moms Mamaroo chair. We went with the Lalo high chair and It’s pretty cool because it turns into a toddler chair as well.

Baby food recipe
I think she likes it lol

It’s been super fun whipping Soleil up some organic and clean meals. I love the Baeba Babycook so much! All you need to do is chop up your fruits and veggies and you can steam and puree it all at once. I must say this is my favorite baby gadget I’ve gotten so far, because of how easy I can make baby food in under 15 mins. Remember to save the juice at the bottom of the steamer to make your puree. If you forget you can also use almond or coconut milk.

Baby food recipe

Do you guys make your own baby food? Let me know what combinations your little ones like. Here’s a list of some combos I’ve tried and yet to make.

  1. Sweet Potato + Peaches + Coconut Milk
  2. Kale + Apple+ Pear
  3. Carrots + Apple + Ginger
  4. Spinach + Green Apple + Avocado
  5. Broccoli + Spinach
  6. Sweet Potato + Carrot
  7. Quinoa + Pear + Raspberry
  8. Quinoa + Butternut squash + Kale + Apple
  9. Blueberry + Sweet Potato + Apple + Flax
  10. Mango + Carrot + Navy Beans

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