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Plaid is Rad

Plaid print, checks and gingham have been seen all over the 2017 New York Fashion Week runways. These prints are just so timeless and such a fall staple. My favorite this fall has to be from the brand Petersyn. The brand has nailed it with their updated plaid looks with a unique twist to each piece. The biggest trend I've been seeing everywhere this fall is a longline plaid blazer. Every blogger, mo[...]
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Office Boss Babe Style

DVF never fails to deliver on boss babe attire. Their ionic wrap dresses are definitely a staple in every women's closet. The way they fit and emphasize curves will have you looking like your making boss moves. Their prints are loud, bright and fun! For the boss babe that likes to stand out and isn't afraid of making a statement. I have always been Inspired by DVF and their play on retro 70's style don[...]
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marie hell

Marie Hell

I'm excited to share my collaboration with the sustainable minimalistic clothing brand Marie Hell. Marie Hell specializes in making classics that you can wear at any age, for any occasion, and for many years. Upon receiving their dresses first thing I noticed was how thick, well made and luxurious their garments are. They use natural biodegradable fabrics and they are all made in the USA.[...]
Travel Italy

Italia Mio Amore

Ever since the day I saw the movie " Under the Tuscan Sun" I have always dreamt of one day visiting this highly illustrious place. This summer that dream finally came true and then some. I spent a few weeks touring this breathtaking region with my husband Ryan as well as a few stops in Rome, Venice, and Florence. We had a wedding to attend in Florence and added on a lil' tour as well. I'm going to s[...]
easy 3 step updo

Easy 3 Step Updo

My cousin was getting married in Florence, Italy, and had some issues finding a hair dresser to do her hair on the big day. She had a trial session the week before and it just didn't go as planned. So she asked if I could do her hair. Of course I said yes, even though I was feeling the pressure of not having her hair turn out perfect. Well wedding day finally came around, and lets just say I had to pul[...]

Paris Je t’aime

My husband and I celebrated our two year anniversary with four days spent in the city of love. Four days is enough time to get a feel for Paris, but definitely not enough to see it all. There are just so many things to do in this beautiful city and we had just so little time. Paris Tip...Arrondissement what? To begin my Paris guide, it's best to start with the breakdown of the city itself. Pa[...]
ryan and juliet w

3 Tips on Wedding and Married life

It's my wedding anniversary today and I thought to share some tips that I've learned in this past two years of married life. From our beautiful wedding day in the rain on the mountain tops of Malibu to celebrating our anniversary today in Paris, married  life has been a blessing and the greatest adventure of my life. 1. Embrace the Rain Dealing with weather issues on your wedding day can be so s[...]
air cleaning plants

Air Cleaning House Plants

When my husband and I moved into our home a few months ago I had no idea what to do with the indoor balcony space that overlooks the living area. The space is kind of awkward in the way that it's quite narrow and there isn't much space to fit furniture in it. Initially I wanted to turn it into a meditative space with rugs and throw pillows but as the plants started to pile up because I'm plant obsesse[...]
Bacardi X Major Lazer Summer 2017 Playlist

Summer 2017 Get Lit Playlist

Summa summa summa time, time to sit back and unwind or get lit. Major Lazer the music trio known for getting bodies to the dance floor and the kings of turn up music have recently collaborated with Bacardi for an event in Miami. The trio dropped their new single “Front of the Line (feat. Machel Montano & Konshens)". This new track is a banger and when that beat drops it will have you wishing that[...]
welness on the go

Wellness On the Go

I always start my day with meditation, a healthy meal and some form of exercise. If I can't make it to yoga or a dance class, I'll do some stretches and breathwork to get my body loose and to get the blood flowing. I meditate first thing before I even get out of bed to set the tone for my day and to allow my day to manifest in a positive and productive way. As soon as we step out of the comfort of o[...]