9 Ways to add Vacation Vibes to your Bedroom


Canopy beds just scream vaycayyyyy, am I right?! Ever since my honeymoon to Bali I have been in love with these style of beds. A wood canopy bed is a great option to add vacation vibes to the bedroom. Then top it off by draping some linen or cotton gauze across it for a dreamy effect. Rule of thumb there should be about 6-8 inches of space between the top of the bed and the ceiling. You don’t want the room to end up looking crammed, so higher ceilings work best for this style of bed.

Canopy bed

bed drapes

Another option to add vacation vibes is by draping a canopy mosquito net from the ceiling. You don’t need a four poster bed at all to achieve a relaxing dreamy vaycay vibe. If you’re into DIY loosely draping fabric from the ceiling is another way to get that look and create your own personal oasis.


linen sheets

Switching up your bedding to white linen will instantly add some I’m far away on some tropical island to the bedroom. I have a deep love for linen. Although they are a bit pricey, I find them to be a great investment. I like the idea of growing with a good set of linen sheets that can last a lifetime, feeling them soften after every wash makes me weak in the knees.

tropical art

Banana leaf art and beach art not only add vacation vibes to the room, but can also be a very relaxing meditative focal point. I get lost staring at the ocean art that is placed across from my bed. Just get lost in those waves.

Throw pillow

Throw pillows add an instant pizazz to the bed. A neutral tribal pattern, or even some bandana leaf pillows against the white linen bedding makes a great statement in the bedroom.

 Canopy bed

bed blanket

Moroccan wedding blankets or tasseled blankets can add some texture to the bedding and is also another way to add some additional warmth to the bedding. They can really make a statement by choosing a “one of a kind” or unique piece.

Canopy bedplants

Greenery!! We can’t be on a vaycay without some foliage. A Monstera plant adds a bohemian vibe to any room and is just so tropical. Banana leaf plant, Fiddle Fig plant and any type of Palm is an easy way to add vacation vibes to the bedroom. If you aren’t that good with plants, try some succulents as they aren’t as needy as leafy plants.

jute rug

A natural fiber rug like Jute or Sisal placed under the bed makes a dreamy tropical bedroom. If my bedroom wasn’t carpeted I would have liked this rug in my bedroom. I love how they look in my living room, and the relaxed beach house vibe the have.



Light a candle and get swept away by the scents of freshly cut coconuts, rich tobacco or the freshness of the ocean. I love using a linen spray to mist over my sheets or as an air freshener.

Adding any of these options is surefire way to bring a tropical paradise vacation vibe right to your bedroom and create a permanent vacation lifestyle.

canopy bed

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2 responses to “9 Ways to add Vacation Vibes to your Bedroom”

  1. Rae says:

    I absolutely LOVE this look. I tend to always get inspired whenever I return home from a vacay in another country. I like to add a little bit of that country to my room. (If that makes any sense.)

    I would love a canopy bed, but my ceilings definitely aren’t high enough.

    • julietjoie says:

      Yesss I totally get what you mean, adding unique and one of a kind pieces from traveling is so my vibe too. You could hang a mosquito net from the ceiling. There’s some from Mombasa brand that are really nice tropical vaycay vibes. xo

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