3 Tips on Wedding and Married life

ryan and juliet weddingIt’s my wedding anniversary today and I thought to share some tips that I’ve learned in this past two years of married life. From our beautiful wedding day in the rain on the mountain tops of Malibu to celebrating our anniversary today in Paris, married  life has been a blessing and the greatest adventure of my life.

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1. Embrace the Rain

Dealing with weather issues on your wedding day can be so stressful. When I found out the day before our wedding that there would be a high chance of rain at our outdoor wedding that was the last thing I wanted to hear. I had been planning this beautiful outdoor wedding for months and then now here came the rain to change all my plans at the very last minute. Needless to say my stress level went high extremely quickly. I had to make all these last minute arrangements to get the area covered and I was just dreading the whole rain issue. My wedding planner called me that night and asked if we should move our ceremony indoors and I was so stressed because I had imagined Ryan and I saying our vows outdoors surrounded by our families and nature and I didn’t want that to change. So we decided to just take our chances and go with the ceremony outdoors as planned. Best decision ever! Ladies my advice is to embrace the rain and the challenges at hand. It can turn out to be something so unimaginably special. Watching my soon to be husband saying his vows as the rain fell down was nothing less than magical. The rain cleansed us and blessed us and made our day into more of a fairytale than I could’ve ever planned for. Ryan and I had decided on “Come Rain or Come Shine”  by Ray Charles as our first dance song months ago before our wedding. Dancing to this song in the rain surrounded by our family was the greatest moment of my life. How fitting was it, that this was the song we choose and it rained on our day. The blessings from above couldn’t have been anymore perfect.

Check out our magical day here:

2. Fighting = Growth

Married life isn’t all lollipops and rainbows. So many people view fighting with your spouse as a bad thing. I think that arguments are a blessing in disguise. Ryan and I are such strong minded people that butting heads and getting into arguments is just something we have learned to embrace.  The key is how you come together after the arguments. If you can come back and talk about how you both feel and heal from it, it can offer an amazing opportunity for growth. After every fight we have, I’ve noticed that It always makes us grow closer together. Fights serve a purpose so that a relationship can deepen and we can clear out any issues that have been harboring . If you’re going through a phase with your spouse where you guys are arguing alot, just know that it is serving a purpose and it’s adding to the journey of your love life. Love it all! The good and the bad, it makes for a richer, fuller and meaningful relationship.

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3. Purpose of a Soulmate Relationship

One of the things I love about our marriage is seeing how much we both have grown in just these two years. Giving each other the space to change is so healthy for our relationship so we can become more of who we truly are. A good spouse has the ability to trigger the parts of you that needs to be healed so we can love much more bigger and fuller. Being with Ryan has made me check myself, love myself and be truer to myself. Having a partner in your life that is there to challenge you and make you a better person is a beautiful gift. That is the purpose of a soulmate. To challenge us and love us to be best we can be. They are there to push us to make those much needed changes that hold us back from being the fullest expressions of ourselves. Seeing how much our love has grown for each other in these past few years is what life is all about for me. I love knowing that in each moment together we can keep creating and building our beautiful love story.

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