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My Hair Journey

When I was pregnant with Soleil I was going through a bohemian phase. It just felt so right with my glowing skin and growing belly. I felt like such a goddess to be growing life and wanted to run around in the dreamiest flowy boho dresses all day. I also wanted to wear my hair more natural, so braids were my go-to. I love braids…

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Dining Room Reveal

Hi my loves! Today I’m so excited to share with you our Dining Room! This is really one of my favorite rooms in the house, it’s where we get to have family dinners, entertain our friends & families and chat over an amazing meal! The mirror wall and chandelier already came with the house when we moved in, so I knew I wanted to do…

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Baby Food Recipes

If you guys follow me on Instagram you saw how feeding Soleil baby food for the first time went. She was just covered from head to toe in sweet potato mush. I don’t even know how she was able to get it on her toes. Soleil pretty much wanted to swim in it. It got everywhere and clean up was not so much fun. I’m…

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My Top 10 Must-Have Baby Products

Hey there mamas and mama’s-to-be! It can be so overwhelming trying to find the best products of our lil’ ones. The market is supersaturated with baby products, and it can be so daunting finding items that work well. I’ve spent hours on the web, blogs and on Amazon finding the best top rated items for babies. I’ve tried lot of products and returned some duds…

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Soleil Ziggy Tsemaye Turley

Soleil Ziggy

Welcome to the world sweet Soleil Ziggy Tsemaye Turley. Baby girl was born on Sunday March 17th after almost 48 hours of labor. My water broke on Friday afternoon and baby girl didn’t make her appearance until Sunday morning. We couldn’t be anymore overjoyed to finally have our sunshine girl in our arms. Before baby girl was conceived while I was in the shower one…

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Soleil’s Dreamy Baby Girl Nursery

baby girl nursery

I had Soleil’s nursery all set up two weeks before her arrival. It all came together beautifully and I was looking forward to the bliss-filled and peaceful weeks to come with my lil’ bub. Then my husband Ryan got an amazing work opportunity and we would be moving in a month and a half to Laguna Hills in the Orange County area. Needless to see…

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